Daily Prompt: Call Me, Maybe

Hello my name is James and I’m addicted too my phone! I never used to be. I used to have a regular cell phone with Rogers with no data plan. I only used it to make phone calls when I needed too.

Last year (I can’t remember what month it happened) my cell phone died on me. I had no warranty to get it fixed so I decided to cancel the plan and give it up. I thought I was finished with cell phones or so I thought…

One day after work my wife came home and told me she bought us new phones. She got us both a Samsung by Virgin Mobile and my addiction began.

There are so many cool things you can do with phones these days. I mean can you really call them phones any more? They are like mini computers. I got a data plan and am able to check the internet wherever I am. Also there are apps for just about everything, such as Facebook and Twitter. I even have a Bible app called YouVersion which I follow my Bible plans on as those of you who follow my blogs and Twitter and Facebook post know.

I still don’t make too many calls on my phone. Normally I will be in touch with people either through texting or emailing or Facebook. If I do talk on the phone it is usually with my wife or making appointments. It is the data plan that kills me. Our phone bills are not too bad though I know that I do need to watch how much I am checking the internet and my various apps on my phone.

What is your relationship with your phone? Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance or something in between?

As I go about each day I’m glad to know that I am not alone in using my phone too much. Some people are on they’re phone first thing in the morning on the bus which I think is kind of nuts even for me!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday! Cheers!



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