Daily Prompt: Musical

Q: What Role Does Music Play In Your Life?

Music plays a very large role in my life. First of all, I love listening to music! My favorite music genres are rock and heavy metal! Some of my favorite bands are Metallica (well early Metallica, not so much Metallica from the Black album onward), Megadeth (by far probably one of my favorite metal bands), Iron Maiden, Guns N Roses, Disturbed, Godsmack and Ac/Dc just to name a few!! Over the years my music tastes have branched out and now I pretty much like all music genres (except maybe polka music unless its Weird Al!) I love listening to music when I workout. I have worked out with no music but my workouts are just not the same. Even doing the dishes is better when its done to music!

Secondly I love to play music. My main instrument is the guitar primarily the acoustic guitar! At some point I want to video tape some of the songs I can play well and post them on my blog site. I started playing guitar when I was 24 after a bad breakup. I had nothing to do and decided it would be a good idea. I took lessons on and off for a few years. Now I play in a church group and I also play in open mic nights from time to time! I find that I am getting more confident in playing in front of people. One of the last times I did an open mic gig I was actually able to look at the audience while I was playing. I have never been able to do this before that night. Before I would always look at my chords because if I looked up I would fumble and mess up.

Thirdly, recently I have joined my church’s choir! I have found that I really enjoy singing! I am not that familiar with Gospel music though I do like a lot of it and fun singing with everyone in the choir. My hope when I joined the choir was that it would help me when I sang while playing my guitar. I find I am still learning to tune my voice and that my range is in between a tenor and a base. When I first became a Christian and started going to church 7 years ago I hated hymns! I thought that I should at least try to like Gospel music so I started listening to bands that were rock and metal sounding like what I grew up with. I found a band called Stryper which is one of my favorite metal Christian bands. I also found bands like Third Day, Casting Crowns, Day Of Fire, and Skillet to name a few! My wife gave me Johnny Cash’s My Mother’s Old Hymn Book album when we first started dating which got me to start liking hymns more! Another album which is just three singers with their acoustic guitars that I really love is The Hymn Project by Buller, Blazer & Aichele a very cool album!

In closing I am sure that music will play a big part of my life all through my life! I want to finish my post with a question: What music do you like listening too? And do you play any instruments?

Hope everyone is having a great day hopefully listening or playing some great music!




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