I’ve been doing very well with my Tribesports  “Run Everyone Other Day For Two Weeks plan. Despite the cold I have been getting outside from anywhere from 2km to almost 9km.

Today I ran for 20 minutes and ran just over 4km. It was cold outside but not as bad as Monday night. I ran for 35 minutes on Monday and it was freezing! I’m sure that the past three days have been the coldest that we have had in Brampton so far this winter! My last two days for this challenge is Friday and Sunday, hopefully it won’t be so cold!

I have signed up with The Running Room for a 10km training program and I hope to enter in races starting with 10km and working my way up to marathons! How do you train for your events? I have heard that whatever race you are in, you divide the distance you are running throughout the week and work up to that? Does that sound about right?

I look forward to training with The Running Room starting in February and I’ll see what they say about it. Hope everyone is doing well and dress in lots of layers while you are outside, stay warm!



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