I was feeling pretty weary after work today. It has been slow lately and I often find that I’m more tired after slow days then busy ones.
I had planned to go for a 10km run after work but was seriously conisdering staying in. I mustered up the energy and went out. I love winter running and I’m glad I went out. I ran 8.93km according to my fitness app on my I-pod Nano. I ran it in just under an hour and burned 621 calories.
Do you like outdoor running and if so, what is your favorite season to run in? I have been running outdoors on and off for years but this is my first year for winter running! I had an amazing AC/DC playlist to listen to while running. As it usually does for me, exercise revived me more then sitting on the couch watching tv would have.
Hope everyone is having a great day, happy Thursday!



2 thoughts on “Revived

  1. Can’t say I run – have never really learned to do it properly. I do enjoy walking, though, and have learned to savour it in every season – though the Fall is the best: no ice on the sidewalks, and I do not get hot too quickly.

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