Reading Challenge 2013

I love to read! I didn’t read much from high school till around my late 20’s but the past few years I have gotten back into it and now read quite a lot. Recently I got a Kobo E-reader and I love it, I find I read even more with the Kobo! One of my challenges at is to Read 12 books in 2013. My hope is to read at least one book per month. Currently I’m reading Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince by J.K Rowling. I bought that E-book off of the Pottermore site as that is the only way to get HP E-books and audio books now. The Half Blood Prince is my favorite of the series and I’m about halfway through. I’m going to watch the movie (though I’ve seen the movie before so I guess it’s re-read). My favorite books to read are fantasy though I’ve been reading biographies lately. I really liked Dave Mustaine’s book Mustaine as well as Neil Young’s Waging Heavy Peace which I have to go back and finish. In closing I’d like to ask you a question. What books are you reading? What genres do you like to read? Happy reading!


3 thoughts on “Reading Challenge 2013

    1. Hey Colline, I read The Hobbit when I was younger and liked it a lot. I wasn’t too crazy about the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy but I did buy them for my Kobo so maybe I’ll like them more now. I still need to re-read The Hobbit before I see the movie. I was able to get a ton of classic books off my Kobo and look forward to reading those. Cheers!

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