Daily Devotional For January 14, 2013

  • http://bible.us/r/6v.2.L I just finished day 2 of NIV Once-A-Day Walk With Jesus Devotional Bible reading plan at YouVersion.com

“The road of life can be a baffling route indeed: smooth at times, sometimes full of potholes . . . one day a well-marked expressway, the next a maze of detours. But your heavenly Father has provided a road map — ​the Bible — ​to keep you moving in the right direction. Dotting the pages of the Bible like signposts along the way are promises to encourage you, warnings to protect you and commands to detour you from danger.”

My thoughts: I like this part of today’s devotional. It does seem like some seasons of life have more potholes then smooth roads but since Jesus came into my life, my life still has had its ups and downs but having God with me gives me more hope for the future then before! Hope everyone is having a great Monday!


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