I was checking out Facebook on Friday night and saw that WM Paul Young the author of The Shack was going doing book signings at different places in Ontario on Saturday but I had plans and wouldn’t be able to make them that day. Then I saw that he was going to be at Kingsway Lambton United Church in Etobicoke. I checked out his website and didn’t see any info on his going to that church only about the book signings and I checked out the church’s website and didn’t see anything there either. As it turned out, there was some kind of mix up and he was expected to be there next Sunday and was there a week early lol! Well it worked out great for me because I was able to meet him before the service and got a picture with him afterwards! I was just going there expecting to hear him talk, not to meet him and very much enjoyed the service! I like checking out other churches and seeing how they do there services and I think I would go back to visit Kingsway Lambton United again in the future. I loved the Shack, I’ve read it twice so far as well as listened to it on audiobook. My church did a Bible study on The Shack which was really good as well! It was a pretty heavy Bible study as we were sharing our pain stories but it was all good! I bought the book Crossroads when I got home on my Kobo and look forward to reading it! It has been a great weekend and besides going for a run in a couple of hours I am pretty much just going to relax either reading or watching tv (catching up on Burn Notice and How I Met Your Mother!) Hope everyone is well and has a great week!


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