Easy Run

Friday is finally here! This was my first full week back to work of the new year and I got through it! Thats pretty much all I have to say about that, other than the week felt pretty long. I actually was pretty busy at work and didn’t get to the gym though I finally got out for a run tonight! I nice 4KM run and it was pretty warm outside. This is my first year running in the winter and I started around the beginning of January. I haven’t ran outside in awhile and I forgot how much I have missed it. I signed up at Tribesports.com for a “Run Every Other Day For Two Weeks” challenge! I tried it before and didn’t complete it but I think I can finish it this time. I also signed up for “50 Push-ups In One Set.” I’m slowly working up to that one. I recently finished 40 push-ups in one set (another challenge I finished) but barely lol! Most of the time I can only do about 20-30 in a set but as I said, I’m working up to it. I’m hoping to be able to get up early and got to 9am Bodypump class at Goodlife Fitness (I should check the schedule to make sure that is still the time lol) though waking up early on a Saturday is usually hit and miss for me (most of the time a miss my workouts are usually in the afternoon on Saturdays!) Anyway that is it for tonight. Hope everyone is having a great Friday!



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