Today was a good day at work! I’m back in my own department and it was pretty steady all day which was nice! I know this might not seem like much but I’m proud of myself for not using any sick time yet lol! Usually I’ve used one or two by this point.

I had a good walk from work to the mall and I went to the gym. Today was leg day at the gym and I did about 4 exercises at 4 sets of 8-10 reps. Then I did a few upper body weights for chest, back and also some abs.

My wife picked me up at the gym and we went out for dinner with my parents. It was a great meal at a restaurant in downtown Brampton which I can’t remember the name at this point but the food was really good! Then we went to Gage Park and went skating. It has been about 4 years since my wife and I have skated and even longer for my parents. We had a great time, a really good cardio workout for about 20 -30 minutes! I forgot how sore my feet got while I was wearing the skating and it felt great once I took them off!

We borrowed Modern Family off my parents and my wife and I are going to watch the last two episodes to finish the season after I finish blogging. It is a hilarious show!

Hope everyone has had a great day and has a great weekend!



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