New Beginnings!

It is January 1 the beginning of the year and for a lot of people it means new year resolutions! I don’t believe in doing that because most of the time I don’t finish whatever my resolution was. I do have goals for the new year, most of them I think are pretty achievable.

One of my goals is to cook more. I can follow recipes when needed to but I would like to become more confident in the kitchen. I’m sure many of you can relate to this but my wife and I are pretty busy during the work week and lots of times resort to getting take out instead of taking time to make a good meal. I would like to make minimum one meal a week, trying recipes in some of the cookbooks we’ve bought lately.

Another goal is to practice more on my guitar. I’m thinking of signing up guitar lessons again. This way I can discipline myself to practice at least a half an hour a day. I’m pretty good at working in my Bible reading and exercise into my routine, I’m not sure why guitar generally gets forgotten about.

Speaking of Bible reading and exercise I want to continue working these into my routine. I’ve signed up for The Bible in 90 Days reading plan which I’ve been good at following and I signed up for Do A Half An Hour A Day Of Exercise plan with Tribesports which I’ve been doing well with. I think I am going to sign up for Tough Mudder this year which looks like a challenging 10-12 mile course with lots of different obstacles to overcome. It looks really tough but fun I just have to figure out whether I want to do the one in May or September in Toronto.

The last goal I would like to work on is my blogging. I want to try and blog everyday. I also would like to take a creative writting course in March. Blogging has sparked an intrest in writting which I never knew was there before. I would like to write more maybe starting with a short story.

So what are your goals for the new year? I would like to hear about them! Hope 2013 is a great year for you and you are able to stick with all you new year goals or resolutions!



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