Had great Christmas’s both with my family on the 23rd and with my in-laws yesterday! My wife and I hosted Christmas yesterday and it turned out really well.

It was a long day though and we both slept in today! I slept for ten hours and still feel kind of groggy! Our plan today is go out for breakfast in about an hour, hopefully a gym workout and movies in the evening! My wife wants to see the Silver Linings Playbook. I was not too taken by the couple of previews that I saw of it but who knows it may be good.

Preparing myself for going back to work for tomorrow and Friday, not really looking forward to it but it must be done lol. I have not been to the gym since Saturday and I miss it.I have been getting walks in though and I’ve been keeping up to date with my 90 Day Bible Reading Plan!

Hope everyone has a great day today, happy Wednesday!



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