Made It Through

Well Harold Camping was wrong twice and The Mayans were wrong once. I wonder who the next one will be to predict The Apocalypse and be wrong. Well we are still here and able to blog another day!

I made it through the work week and now am on holidays for Christmas for a few days. I have all my Christmas shopping done except for one gift. I totally forgot about my family’s 15 secret santa gift which I will either buy tonight or tomorrow after church. I was so happy that my wife and I decided to walk over to the mall instead of drive. I looked crazy in the parking lot lol!

I got a workout in at the gym, 35 minutes on the exercise bike plus the walk to and from the mall. I’m still hoping to exercise all through the holidays even on Christmas lol! I have never been able to workout on Christmas Day and that would be so cool! The gym opens at ten that morning and my hope is to run over, workout and run home get ready quick and start preparing for family coming over in the afternoon.

I’m looking forward to lots of rest, church services and getting together with family and friends over the next few days. Not sure what my time to myself will look like over the next few days so if I don’t have time to blog, I hope everyone who celebrates has a wonderful Christmas and to those who don’t I hope you enjoy your holidays.



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