Great Evening!

As it gets closer to Christmas I realize that there is not as much time to get things done as I might like. My wife and I had planned to meet at the mall after work to return a couple of gifts and after we called each other after work today and figuring out when we were going to meet, we thought we might do the gift return on a different day. Then we realized we had other stuff to do later in the week and probably wouldn’t have the time then  so we figured we would just get it done today. So I decided to go to the gym after we returned the gifts. As it turned out, the wait in line in the stores we needed to go to was next to nothing! We were pretty much in and out! We had a quick dinner together in the food court and then I went to the gym. I had a great 30 mins weight workout at the gym working on back. On top of the weight workout I walked for an hour today! My hope after I finish blogging that I am able to watch a couple of episodes of How I Met Your Mother and practice guitar. Hope everyone is enjoying their evening!



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