Had a hard time getting up this morning. I hit the snooze button untill the last possible minute.

It was a great church service this morning. It was a baptism Service, the sermon was great and I had a lot of fun singing the Christmas carols and hymns!

After church my wife and I had lunch with friends and family and the I went to the gym. I did 45 minutes of cardio: 20 minutes on the bike and 25 walking in the treadmill. During my cardio I also completed day 16 of my Bible in 90 day plan. I did a weight workout of shoulders & chest with some legs and abs. Feeling really good right now and glad I didn’t go home to rest first like I originally planned.

Now I’m at Starbucks having a latte and thought I’d blog before heading home. I love all the things you can do with cell phones these days!

Looking forward to relaxing at home with a little bit of housework and dinner planning. Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!



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