Daily Prompt: My Ideal Saturday

I love Saturdays, it is the one day of the week where I get to sleep in! I start work at 6:45am Monday to Friday so I am up fairly early. I normally try to not be up before 9am on a Saturday though some like today I slept in till nearly 11am lol!

I love having lazy Saturdays getting to hang out with my wife. During the work week we are both fairly busy and some days won’t get to see each other till late in the evening. I am grateful to get the extra sleep and for the day of rest and relaxation.

Especially lately I’ve been having trouble sleeping during the work week I am even more grateful to sleep in Saturday! Today I am planning to just lounge around the house reading or catching up on tv shows though at some point go to the gym for a workout. There was overtime at work today and the money would have been nice but I chose to take the day to sleep in and rest!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying their Saturday, cheers!

Link for the challenge!: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/12/15/daily-prompt-me-time/


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: My Ideal Saturday

  1. I love lazy Saturdays to – and the chance to catch up on some blogging. I enjoy especially the lazy Saturday lunches with my family: the eating and the conversation often goes on for over an hour 🙂

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