Unexpected Surprise

Its been along week and I’m glad its Friday! It was a pretty good day today though it was busy. I went to Tim Horton’s after work and had a coffee and finished (I think) day 14 of Bible In 90 Days plan. I have an app from biblegateway.com in which I can listen to the audio version of the NIV Bible I am reading for the plan.

After I finished my reading I called my wife and found out that she was at the mall as well though in a different part and we met up for a coffee. I was going to go to the gym but decided to go home with my wife. I haven’t been to the gym all week and I’ll go tomorrow morning lol! We are going to a movie tonight and deciding on whether to cook something at home or go out. I’m for going out as its been a long week. Hopefully we’ll get to see the new James Bond movie.

Have a great weekend everyone, cheers!


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