Thinking About Alpha…

This morning I was asked to help out with my church’s Alpha group weekend. They asked me to help last night as well but I was unable to.I was also, I must admit not really wanting to help out this morning as well but I said yes.

I do love the Alpha Course and the Alpha weekend though I find sometimes that the Alpha weekend falls during my busiest time at work and this week I had a number of things on and it would have been nice to sleep in this morning.

I am not helping out with The Alpha Course this time around though I do play music with the Alpha Praise Team. Each Wednesday night before everyone goes to their Alpha group or Bible Study, the Alpha Praise Team plays a couple of hymns. I play the guitar along with another woman and we have a few singers. I very much enjoy playing with this group! This morning I was very tired when I got up and it took a few cups of coffee to wake up as well but I did have a great time!

We played four hymns and watched two videos that were on The Holy Spirit. There was a lot of talk about the gifts of the spirit and I find that each time I watch these videos, even though I have seen them many times, I do enjoy them and learn something new each time. I always like the way Nicky Gumbel explains things in his talks.

I forgot to mention that there is a dinner at the Wednesday night Alpha Courses which is one of the main reasons that I attended 7 years ago lol in the first place and it is always good! We had food today as well. Breakfast in the morning and lunch after the videos were over.

As I said before, I wound up having a really great time. It was great to see old friends as well as meet new ones! And I love playing my guitar and music in general makes me happy! I recommend that if you haven’t already, check out an Alpha Course at a church near you!


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