Exercise Blog: TRXing & more Bodypump!

I’ve had a really good week with exercising! Wednsday I walked for 20 minutes and did some pushups, crunches and various other exerices at home. I worked out for about 35-40 minutes that day.

Thursday I did TRX. I’ve blogged about TRX before. I love doing this workout, it is so intense! I can’t afford to do a big 18 session TRX right now so I’ve signed up for a 5 session. One of my friends worked out with me and though she found it pretty tough, I think she is going to try it again! I have one more class left and I have to decide if I’m going to sign up for five more sessions!

Friday night I did bodypump class! I love bodypump! I did the class on Monday as you have seen if you follow my blog. I want to try and do bodypump twice a week at least. I was feeling a little bit sore after the TRX though but I did feel good over all afterward!

Today I did make it to the gym. I did 15 minutes on the treadmill & 15 minutes on weights. It felt really good even though it was only a half an hour workout. I’m not sure what I will do tomorrow but we shall see!

Hope this is finding everyone well! Cheers!


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