Great Times With Friends

It has been a great weekend! Friday night my wife and I went to Toronto to meet friends of ours from Nova Scotia who were in Toronto on meetings. Though we were really tired and the fact that it was a late dinner and we were both hungry, it was good to get out of normal routine. It isn’t often that we go our on a Friday evening. Most of the time we go to my parents house for dinner. We went to The Keg Mansion for dinner. I really like The Keg. I have only been there maybe four times in my life but the food is really good! It is kind of expensive which is why I don’t go there too often but it is a treat when I do get to go.

yesterday I slept in till 11am which doesn’t normally happen on a Saturday but I must have been pretty tired. I was helping somebody move and hadn’t heard from her yet so it was hard to plan my day but she did call around 12pm and figured out the day. I helped her move which didn’t actually take too long, she was trying to move quite a few loose items to make the next load not so bad. Her actually moving day is Tuesday or Wednesday I think and I’ll be unavailable to help her out so I hope it goes well for her. In the evening I went down to Kitchener to hang out with a buddy of mine. One of our friends is in a heavy metal band called The Devil’s Rejects. They are a Rob Zombie tribute band and are really quite good. We got invited to go to this but both my buddy and I were not quite of for it but my friend bought a ticket to show support. We went out for dinner and had pizza and beer and then went over to my buddy’s dad’s place to play some pool. We played quite a few games of pool in which I actually won!! and watched the movie The Hangover 2 which isn’t quite as funny as the first one but it still makes me laugh!

My wife and I both slept pretty poorly last night and missed church this morning. I did a bit of Bible reading on my own and a friend leant me a video series by Francis Chan called Basic which are quite good. I watched one of the videos so I got my sermon for today. I don’t feel too bad about missing church as I went to two Bible studies this week. Today I think is going to be a pretty relaxing day for my wife and I. I’m hoping to make it to the gym and at some point we are going to have to drop by my parents place and pick up Rose Theatre tickets for a show on Tuesday. We are going to see Classic Albums Live who are really good. They generally cover a particular band and perform an entire album note for note of that band for the first half of the show and for the second half they perform many different hits of that band. My wife and I have seen them cover Micheal Jackson & AC/DC both were awesome!

Hopefully this finds everyone doing well and hope your weekends were good as well! Cheers!


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