Well last night I got the tv and computer off by 10 & there was no coffee past 6 though I didn’t sleep as long as I’d have liked. I did feel good today though for a Monday, probably the 8 hours of sleep I got Sunday night helped.

My work day was good and I had a great workout after work. My wife and I even watched The Walking Dead & I watched Dexter both shows were really good!

I have had less coffee then I normally have though I had a coffee just after 6pm today. Hopefully that won’t screw up my sleep too much tonight.

My birthday is tomorrow. Hard to believe I’ll be 37 lol! I have a lot to be thankful for and look forward to a day off of work and spending the evening with my amazing wife! Hope everyone is well and had a great Monday!



2 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday. I wish you all the joy, peace and great health. I just watched Walking Dead last night with my wife. It is so good and made me want for more. I need to catch up on Dexter . Great post!

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