Monday Blahs

Mondays are generally hard for me. I don’t hate Mondays like I hear from a lot of people but they are hard. For some reason and I’m not quite sure why I usually don’t get a good night sleep on Sunday night. I woke up today feeling pretty tired. I did get through the work day though I came straight home after work and just chilled this evening. I had wanted to go to the gym after work though halfway through my walk home I stopped at Tim Hortons for a coffee as I usually do after work and decided I just wanted to go home. My wife and I watched the season 3 opener of The Walking Dead last night which was really cool and I PVR’d Dexter last night which I watched tonight was cool also. My wife and I talk often about turning our tv and computer and anything electronic off at least by 10pm but old habits are hard to break. So far tonight I’ve had no coffee since 5pm so hopefully I will sleep better tonight. Happy Monday, hope everyone had a great day! Cheers!


3 thoughts on “Monday Blahs

    1. Happy Monday to you as well! Well I guess it would be Happy Tuesday now lol! I’ve never tried Dunkin Donuts so I have no idea how their coffee tastes but I’m assuming that you think its bad. Hope you are enjoying your time in Korea. Have a great week!

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