Had a great weekend. My wife was at a teachers conference Wednsday to Friday in Stratford, Ontario. I drove down to meet her Friday after I finished work. We stayed in this lovely B & B and the Friday evening was fairly low key as we were both tired but we did go to a pub for dinner. The next day we had breakfast at our B & B, looked around in some shops and went for a walk before heading home. Stratford is such s pretty place. We had a good drive home and had a quiet Saturday evening. Today we had church in the morning and I went to The Omega service at my church in the early afternoon, both were good. And I had a gym workout. I’m hoping that both my wife and I get a good night sleep today and have a great start to the work week tomorrow. Hope everyone is well and had a great weekend! Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Staycation!

  1. It does feel good to be out of town, even for just a day or two, just relaxing and enjoying a fun time with family. Yes, it does makes you feel refresh afterwards and ready to tackle our day job. Great post.

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