Reading Challenge Continued

For the past few months I have been part of the Tribesports community. For those who don’t know, Tribesports is a website in which people from all over the world can participate in challenges of pretty much any sport they can think of. Members of Tribesports can also encourage each other in their various challenges. For the sports challenges I have done many running challenges as well as push ups and crunches challenges.

They also have many non-sport but health related challenges. One of these is a Read 4 Books In Any Month challenge. I started this challenge back in June I believe and still haven’t completed it yet. I recently got a Kobo and am reading Neil Young’s new book Waging Heavy Peace. It is very good so far and I am on chapter 5. I am also listening to Double Dexter on audiobook. This is the 5th or 6th book in the series so far and it is very good also, I am on chapter 5 of this book as well.

Hopefully this will be the month that I complete the challenge. The most books I have been able to read in a month so far is two. Maybe having the new Kobo will help me in the challenge. One thing I like about the Kobo is it is easy to carry around. Rather then carrying a big 500 to 1000 page book with you the Kobo makes it more manageable. Also you can hold many books on the Kobo. I’m not sure how many as I’m still figuring it out.

Hope this finds everyone well on this Tuesday evening. Have a great week, cheers!

Here is the link for Tribesports for anyone interested:


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