Looking Forward

Today I’m sick with a cold. I stayed home from work today and there is Bible studies at church tonight which I will not be going to either. My wife is picking me up some soup and she may be making pizza which would not be a bad dinner! I’m very much looking forward to the Season 8 premiere of Supernatural tonight. I have been watching that show since the start, my wife introduced me to the show actually, though I still think the best seasons were seasons one to three. The show is still good but has lost some of its edge. Hope everyone is having a great day. Here is a link to the Season 8 trailer, enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ff7CNTlmF8U


2 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. I hope your colds went away. Me and my wife had been sick too for the past 2 weeks. Allergies and upper respiratory infection. I just saw the first season of Supernatural 8 episode 1. Wow, he survived purgatory!

    1. My cold is now gone, it only lasted a few days thankfully! Supernatural was pretty cool though it looks like the brothers are off to a rocky start! Thanks for stopping by!

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