My Beard So Far


It is getting closer to November and I am participating in Movember. Movember in case you haven’t heard about it is where men grow out their moustaches to bring awareness to men’s health specifically prostate cancer.

I participated this last year and was able to raise 300 dollars, this year I hope to raise at least 500 dollars! Around the first of November I will blog about this again leaving a link to my Movember site in case anyone would like to donate to me. It is for a great cause plus you will get to laugh at my moustache as I will be posting progress pictures along the way.

Oh and in case you were wondering about why I posted my beard picture and what that has to do with this, I am growing out my beard untill November 1st (or at least till I can’t stand it anymore lol), I’ll shave on November 1st and start growing my moustache! Then in December I’m hoping to grow my beard around my moustache. So unfortunately my wife won’t be seeing me clean-shaven for a while but thankfully she is amazing and supportive and doesn’t mind facial hair!

Hope this finds everyone having a happy Tuesday! And good luck to anyone who is participating in Movember this year.



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