Needing Motivation

The last couple of days I haven’t been feeling the greatest. I called in sick to work yestarday and I went to work today though I maybe could have used an extra day off. That being said you can probably figure that I haven’t been exercising in a few days. I did get some guitar playing in tonight which was great. I’m trying to work that  more into my routine. I used to play at open mic nights about a year or so ago at this coffee shop about three or four times and when I had a gig coming up I would do my best to practice. The coffee shop closed down unfortunately so and I have not been taking guitar lessons for about a year now so I have had to motivate myself to practice. Lately I have been trying to change my routine around a little. After work I find is my best time to go to the gym but I have been trying to come home and practice guitar after work and go to the gym later in the evening. Sometime that works and then sometimes I don’t make it to the gym because once I’m home, I’m generally too tired to go back out again. I love playing my guitar here’s hoping that along with my gym workouts I am able to find a healthy balance! Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! Cheers!


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