Daily Post Challenge: Jeff Lindsay author of the Dexter Books


For this week’s writing challenge it looks like I am supposed to write about an author who inspired me to get into writing. I have never really had a passion for writing.  I only started blogging a few months ago and although I really enjoy it, I look at it as more of a hobby than anything else.

I did think I would take on this challenge though and even though I don’t have somebody who inspired me to start writing, we all have an author who we love! An author who I have been really into lately is Jeff Lindsay. He is the author of the Dexter books.

I first got introduced to Dexter from the Showcase TV series, not the books. I can’t remember what season I was in before I found out that the Dexter series was originally books but once I found out I had to check them out.

Dexter is one character where I love both what the books have done as well as the series. The followed the story of the first book in the first season (although there were differences) and then they went in their own direction from season 2 on. One thing that I love about Dexter both the books and the series is how dark and complicated the character is. I think that Micheal C. Hall does a really good job in portraying Dexter on the show.

My only disappointment with the books so far is I am reading Dexter Is Delicious which is I think the fifth book in the series. It is a good book don’t get me wrong, but not to give too much away, Dexter is not his usual dark self. He and his wife Rita have just had a baby and because of the baby he is thinking of giving up his dark ways. A bit of a spoiler there I know but I didn’t give away too much. I’m only on chapter 13 of the book so far so maybe a twist is coming.

I find that when it comes to books, tv and movies, I find I find the villan more interesting then the hero. I watched the show Smallville when it was on and I loved John Glover who played Lex Luthor’s father on the show, he was ruthless! Hopefully things will get a little darker with Dexter Is Delicious, there is still one more book after this one that I haven’t read called Double Dexter so I’m sure a twist is coming.

So there you have it. I’m not sure if this is what the challenge was looking for but I gave it my best. All the best with everybody’s DPchallenges and with your blogs even if you are not taking part in the challenge. Happy Monday!



One thought on “Daily Post Challenge: Jeff Lindsay author of the Dexter Books

  1. I wasn’t aware that this show was based on a series of books. It’s a little too dark for me, but I must say this challenge sounds interesting.Might be something to look into during my time off of work.

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