Reading Challenge

So for those of you who have been following my blog know that I like a website called Tribesports. Tribesports is for people who are into fitness and has challenges for pretty much any sport you can think of.

They even have health related challenges like “Go 4 weeks with no Alcohol” which I tried and gave up after two weeks. It was in the beginning of the summer when I decided to try this and there were lots of parties… it was hard lol! There is also a “Go 4 weeks without Soda” which I was able to do. A challenge that I was surprised to see on there was a “Read 4 Books In Any Month” challenge.

I started this challenge in July and I still haven’t completed it yet. I read two books in July, three in August and hopefully will complete the challenge this month. The books I’m reading this month are Dexter Is Delicious & A Series Of Unfortunate Events Book 2: The Reptile Room. Both books are entertaining so far, I am enjoying them very much.

Well I must sign off for now. I have had a great Labour Day Weekend. Now it is off to bed hopefully starting the work week off right with a good night sleep!



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