Where Did The Summer Go

It always seems to me that the summer goes by so fast. My wife is a high school teacher and it is exciting when the end of June rolls around and we know that she will be off work for the summer and I will have vacation coming as well.

I have been trying to take my vacation time in August so I can be off work for our wedding anniversary which is August 7th. We originally planned to go to British Columbia to visit family this summer but changed plans and decided to go away closer to home. We did go on a few road trips which were lots of fun and I blogged about some of them in previous posts.

As I said at the beginning of the post, the summer goes by pretty fast. It always seems like you have tons of time at the beginning to plan stuff and before you know it is over. 

One thing that is different about September 1st this year compared to others is it is still pretty hot outside. It is a little cold when I leave for work in the morning at 6am and I need a sweatshirt then but after work it is hot. I remember last year it was hot all of August and then as soon as September 1st hit we needed jeans and sweatshirts. At least I did.

Although we didn’t get around to doing all that we wanted to do my wife and I had a great summer. She goes back to work next week and hopefully will have a good first week back.

Today is the start of Labour Day long weekend. We are not going away anywhere, most likely either go to a movie today or watch one at home and get together with family tomorrow after church. I am hoping to relax a lot this weekend and hopefully get lots of sleep! Hope everyone is doing well and has a great weekend!



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