Day Off!

I have a vacation day off work today. My wife had to go into work for a few hours which where she still is as I’m blogging this.

I’m currently in a Starbucks enjoying a hazelnut latte & free wifi! I have my ipod on shuffle listening to some good music as I blog.

I got to try a Goodlife Fitness in Mississauga. It was a small club but it had different weights that my regular club doesn’t have & it wad cool trying them out. My workout was pretty good. I did 35 minutes of cardio: 25 minutes on the treadmill & 10 minutes on the bike. I mostly focused on legs & triceps though I did a few other various weights just to try them out.

Now I’m just hanging out at Starbucks as I mentioned earlier waiting for my wife. I probably will listen to some more of Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. I’m down to the last few chapters and can’t wait to find out how the Hunger Games Trilogy finishes! Hope everyone is having a great day so far.

Happy Wednsday…Cheers!


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