Chest & Shoulders Workout!

I was feeling pretty tired after work today so I came home for a bit instead of going straight to the gym.

Actually I’ve been feeling tired for a few days no still recovering from a hard first week back to work last week after being on vacation for a few weeks.

So I had a bit of a rest, and went to the gym around 8pm. I did a half an hour of cardio: 20 minutes on the bike & 10 minutes on some machine that I’m not sure the name but I think I will feel my legs tomorrow between the bike and that machine!

After that I had a really good chest & shoulders workout. I did my basic routine, 3 exercises for chest as well as 3 exercises for shoulders. For each exercise I did 4 sets of 8 reps.

I don’t know about you but I find that some of my best workouts are those where I really didn’t feel like going to workout in the first place. The ones where I have had to force myself to go are generally the best ones.

Hope eveyone is having a great day! I have a day off work tomorrow. My wife is going in to work for a couple of hours and I get to try the Goodlife Fitness close by where she works. Well hopefully there is one close by, we haven’t actually checked that out but hopefully it will work out!

Have a great night everyone, cheers!


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