Back to Work & Fitness!

I’m back to work this week, no longer on vacation! It is good to be back at work though we are so busy at the momment and will be busy pretty much till December.

I have been doing really well with my fitness though. I have made it to the gym everyday except for Monday. Tonight I was too tired to run on the treadmill so I walked for an hour on it and then did a weight workout working on legs and triceps!

My wife is at the movies with a friend of hers so I am relaxing at home. Probably will have a beer and watch a movie or a tv show and hopefully go to bed early. Not so sure about the going to bed early part but I can dream can’t I!

I have been doing better with cutting back on caffeine. I’ve been falling asleep easier so far all this week though not always early, I do feel that I have been sleeping well with the amount that I have been getting.

Hope everyone’s Thursday is a happy one, till next time! Cheers!


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