Vacation Blog- Day 2


Today is the start of one of our mini road trips during my time off work. Tomorrow is my wife’s & my 2nd wedding anniversary. Hard to believe.

This time two years ago I was spending the night at my parents was planning on getting to the gym before the crazy day started lol. I did make it to the gym the morning of our wedding, I did a twenty minute run on the treadmill and then had time to go to Tim Hortons for a breakfast sandwhich & a coffee! Again I say hard to believe.

I almost gave up on marrige altogether after two bad relationships in my twenties. My wife and I met at church and new each other for two years before we started dating.

I’m very happy to have her as my wife, she is my best friend! I look forward to our next few days here in Muskoka.

The picture is our bed & breakfast we are staying at called The Monestary. And it actually used to be a monestary! Hope this finds everyone well!

Happy Monday…cheers!


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