My First Zumba Class!


Today my wife and I took a Zumba class after work at Goodlife Fitness. It was my wife’s second class and my first! It was lots of fun which surprised me!

I wasn’t sure how I would like it for all I heard was that mainly women take the class and it is like Latin line dancing. I should mention that in the gym I mostly go on the treadmill and work in the weight section. The only classes I have done at Goodlife are the Bodypump and Bodyattack. So I wasn’t sure what to expect from this.

I was the only guy in the class and it is a good thing that I am no longer shy around women. In high school I was so shy with girls and I would not have been caught dead in a class like that. I could not do the moves, I just danced in the back of the room doing my own thing.

I haven’t been to dance clubs in years so my dance moves were a little rusty. Although I have to add even back when I did go to clubs, my friends called my dance move the shoulder shuffle which is I basically plant my feet on the ground and bop back forth to the music.

I do think I am going to go back to Zumba and I like doing a variety of different classes in the gym. I do enjoy working out on my own but I love taking the classes. I also love taking the classes with my wife, its a great way for us to spend time with each other! My next class I want to do and haven’t done at Goodlife is the spinning class.

All in all it has been a great day. Hope everyone has had a happy Tuesday! Cheers!


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