Bodypump Date!

Today was a hard day for a Monday. A couple of guys called in sick or had a vacation day in my department so it was very busy! I can’t complain though for I was feeling run down and called in sick on Thursday and Friday.

After work I was very tempted to just go to the gym and shower and then go home and rest. My wife and I had planned to try the Bodypump class at Goodlife Fitness where we each have a membership. I haven’t taken too many classes at besides TRX training which I’ve taken twice, but I am enjoying Bodypump, This is my second time taking the class and my wife’s first time. I can tell you now that I think I will feel the workout tomorrow and I’m sure my wife will as well. I see that they have the class a few times throughout the week and I want to try and take it twice a week along with doing my own weight workouts. And I am very glad that I didn’t just go home after work!

When I was at the YMCA I used to do many group fitness classes such as ab’s & back, spinning class, and yoga. I want to try and get back into doing group fitness classes at the gym and not just working solely on my own. Hope everyone had a great Monday!



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