It has been a r…

It has been a really good week this week! Work has been good even though it has been really hot and I had an overtime shift yesterday.

Saw three movies at the movie theatre which is probably a record. I saw Snow White and the Huntsman which I didn’t like so much, and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter & Brave which I really enjoyed. The next movies I want to see are Spiderman, the Total Recal remake, and Breaking Dawn Pt 2.

Yesterday after work a buddy came over to play some music. He plays bass and I play the guitar and sing. We both had the same music teacher and met at a workshop our former teacher set up to play open mic nights at a coffee shop. We practiced for awhile but then work got in the way and it has probably been about a year since we practiced last. I have gone on and played at open mic nights a few times on my own which was fun though it was good to play with my friend again. My wife said that my singing sounded a little flat as I haven’t really sang in a few weeks but basically we sounded good!

Today had church service this morning and I taught sunday school for the second time, it was fun! I still don’t really know what I am doing but I love all the kids and had a really good time! I had a slight problem when I thought I had forgotten to bring the lyrics to the children’s hymn Arky Arky. I didn’t even know the song and had to look it up on you tube last night and again this morning and thought I forgot it by my computer. We had to make the song up a little bit but the kids seemed to enjoy it. I had help from my family as well which was great!

So my wife and I are home now just taking it easy. I think I’m going to read a little and maybe take a nap this afternoon. Here’s hoping I get a good night sleep tonight so I’m well rested for work tomorrow and for a good start to the week! Hope everyone has a great week next week! Cheers!

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