Almost a day off!!

Woke up this morning feeling a little sore and very tired. I had a good sleep for the hours I got but should have got more! I fought off the urge to call in sick to work and went in. It was a pretty good day and I was glad I didn’t call in sick lol!
The whole work day I had in my mind that I wasn’t going to workout this evening at all. Went for a coffee after work with a buddy of mine after work and decided to walk home from there. I started a challenge a few days ago with,  you should check them out. They have challenges for just about any sport you can think of! I have signed up to do 5 chin ups per day for a week and run 3 times a week for 4 weeks. I don’t have a chin up bar at home, and I was even hoping that maybe one of the trucks at work were low enough that I could do my chin ups off the truck but that wasn’t the case. So I was walking home from work and decided to stop off at Goodlife to do my chin ups.
I finished my chin ups pretty quickly and then went on to do a chest workout along with biceps and triceps. I did three sets of 8 reps for incline, decline, and flat bench as well as a bunch of bicep and tricep exercises. I was really surprised to be doing this workout especially when I had three TRX workouts this week.
Well now I am at home debating if I should go for a run. I definetly want to run to my parents house tomorrow night so I may not. It may be a good night to stay in and watch a movie! Hope this finds everyone well! Cheers!


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