Some Great Movies!


So I bought some movies on the weekend and though I’d blog about them! I’ve seen all but one and for the ones I’ve seen I love them all.  The first movie I bought was Army Of Darkness! In this movie we find our hero Ash travelled back in time to medival times where he has to fight demons, save his medival girlfriend and get back to his own time. It is a very entertaining movie in my own opinion though I have to say I think the first movie of the trilogy, Evil Dead, is still my favorite!

The second movie I bought was Big Trouble In Little China! This movie is about a truck driver named Jack Burton who is going to meet a friend of his only to find out his friend’s fiance has been kidnapped and he has to help rescue her. I loved this movie the first time I watched it and still love it now!

The third movie I bought is The Blind Side. I have not yet seen this movie, I mainly bought it for my wife. From what I understand it is about a women who helps a homeless teen become a football player. I look forward to watching it. I do like Sandra Bullock, I have enjoyed most of the movies I have seen with her and I have heard that this is a good movie.

Last but not least is Con Air. This is my favorite Nicolas Cage movie next to The Rock. It about a man who is paroled from prison is on his way to freedom but his plane (which has some of the world’s most dangerous criminals- led by Cyrus who is played by John Malkovich) is skyjacked by the criminals. A great action movie and it is exciting from start to finish in my opinion!

Well that is all of them! I have not had a chance to watch them yet as I have had a fair amount to do this weekend! I love watching movies and think I will start blogging about some of my favorites! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Cheers!


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