Will Run For Food!!

Tonight my wife and I went to my parents house for dinner. This is our normal Friday night routine. One of the perks of living close by my parents my wife and I have one meal a week where we don’t have to cook. We do have my parents over to our place as well to return the favor from time to time.
Anyway I had decided a few days ago that I wanted to run to their place. I mapped it out with mapmyrun.com and it said that it was 8k’s which is not too bad. I’ve been running anywhere from 2k-8k for the past 2 months. Well actually I’ve been running outside on and off for the last ten years though I just started getting back into it again after a long break two months ago. So I made up my mind and decided to run. To my dismay it has been raining all day but I decided not to let that stop me. I ran the 8ks in the rain to my parents house. As I said earlier I have been running outside for a long time but this was my first time running in the rain. It was a cool experience. It was not cold outside but a comfortable cool. There were times durning the run where I wanted to stop and walk but I kept pushing myself to keep going. The only time I stopped was for lights. The only thing I was worried about was when crossing streets in the bad weather and being extra watchful of cars. The funny thing was when I got to my parents house my wife was telling me that my mom was all worried and was thinking that someone should go out in a car and look for me and make sure I was ok. Thankfully my wife and dad reasurred her that I was fine and not to worry though next time I think I will take my cell phone with me when I run just in case. I love running outside and have been trying to get out there 3-5 times a week. I also workout at Goodlife Fitness and try and get there around the same number of times per week. So that is my Friday night tale! My wife and I had a really nice dinner at my parents house. They have been trying to be veegans for the past few months. They are not true veegans for they cook meat for my wife and I every once and awhile. The meal they made tonight was black beans and rice with lots of raw veggies and salsa on top. It was really good, I think my favorite of all the dishes they have made for us so far since they have started this veegan journey. Well that is all for now. Happy running and happy Friday!


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