Empty Nest

Earlier this month I wrote about about how a robin had made a nest on top of a reef my wife had hung outside our door and that there were three babies in the nest. We have enjoyed watching them grow up though to our dismay, we have realized they are gone. They must have flown away during our trip to Ottawa because they were there on Friday before I left the house. From what I have briefly read on robins, the process between the building of the nest and when the babies are full grown enough to fly takes about four to five weeks. What upset me most was that I haven’t been able to find my camera since march break and just found it this morning which was when we noticed they were gone. I would have loved to take some pictures of the babies. I took a picture of the mama robin with my phone camera but I find my phone camera very awkward to use. Anyway, it was cool watching them grow. Thats all for now, hope this finds everyone well! Cheers!


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