Had a pretty go…

Had a pretty good day today. Didn’t get that great a sleep last night, I need to get better and turning tv and computer off in the evening. Work was pretty good though and now I’m at home trying to decide whether I should go for a run or not. I want to try and run 10k and hopefully it won’t rain or at very least won’t rain too hard. I just started getting back into running outside. I would like to try and run a marathon one day, Sunday I ran 7k so I figured I would try and up the k’s each time I run little by little. My ipod nano has a fitness option where it gives different running programs. I can either pick time, distance or calories. On Sunday when I said I ran 7k I did the 500 calories workout and it took 7k to burn that. Plus on top of the running I am still doing my 100 crunches per day which finishes on Thursday. I will post more on my running progress! Hope everyone’s week is going well so far!


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