Its been a few …

Its been a few days since I’ve blogged. I had a couple of ideas of what to blog about today though I think I will blog about how I am actually participating in Lent this year, I am not watching TV or using the computer past 10pm. I’ve never participated in Lent before but was thinking about it more this time and origionally I thought maybe I would not watch tv at all for the whole season of Lent but thought I would do something a little more realistic. So I came up with no tv or computer past 10pm. Right now two shows that I really like Californication and The Walking Dead are on still which is why I figured going the whole Lent season with no TV would be too hard. Plus I would have hours of tv to catch up on when it was over. So far in the past few days I have noticed that my sleep has improoved. I read before bed and fall asleep much quicker then before when I would watch some tv show after 10pm. So if my sleep continues to improove maybe I will keep shutting tv and computer down by 10 every night even after Lent is over. Well thats it for today, I will try to keep being better with the blogging!


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