Sleepless nights…

I’ve been having trouble sleeping for the past few months. Mostly during the work week. When it comes time to fall asleep at 10-11pm I find myself wide awake and lie there for at least an hour and a half. Makes it very hard when I have to be up by 5-5:30am in the morning. So I’m pretty fatigued during the day.
I have an appointment tonight with a sleep clinic from 8pm till 7:30am tomorrow morning. They will moniter my sleep overnight and hopefully give me some insight into my problem. Today there is no caffine or napping for me past 12pm. I am addicted to caffine, I drink quite a bit of coffee and coke though I have been trying to switch to decaf after 5-6pm which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. I think I probably will try to cut back by 12 or 1pm maybe just having my coffee in the morning and then one after work and then thats it. It will be kind of hard going with no caffine past twelve seeing my body is used to a certain amount and also when you are not allowed to do something is when you want to do it the most. The thing I’m most worried about is lights out is at 10:30pm and I’m not allowed to listen to music or anything, just lay there and fall asleep. Hopefully with the no caffine or napping past 12pm that will be easy. Its funny how life can change. When my wife and I first moved in together I would fall asleep really quickly and she would be up wondering why she can’t sleep. Now she falls asleep really quickly and I’m up wondering whats going on. Hopefully I can figure this out soon. I hate being so tired during the day!


2 thoughts on “Sleepless nights…

  1. It would be good to cut back on the caffeine, but I guess you need it for work. Hopefully all works well for you at the clinic.
    Keep us up to date.

    1. Hey Dee,
      I want to cut coffee down to one in the morning and one after work and try and cut out coke. I love both coke and coffee though if it will mean sleeping better I will cut out what I need to. I got hooked on coffee years ago when I used to smoke, I gave up the smoking habit but still have the coffee habit. Going out for dinner with my wife then being dropped off at the clinic. Heres hoping it goes well! Cheers!

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