Its been a very…

Its been a very good week but a busy one. Thankfully I’ve been turning off computer and tv for lent which has helped my sleep this week. My sleep is still not quite where I want it to be but I’m getting between 5-6 hours of sleep at night which wasn’t always the case before.

I finished my TRX training sessions on Thursday. Hard to believe it is over and I had a great time though the workouts were pretty intense at times. I did improove a lot. My instructor recorded the numbers of how many times we did certain exercises on the first day and also on the last day. I improoved so much on many of the exercises and I have more balance on the lunges. I still find the lunge exercises kind of tough but I’m getting better. Hopefully my wife will be able to do this class at some point soon I’m sure we can get $300 together for it. Though maybe it won’t be for a few months seeing we are going to Nova Scotia during March break.

Today I’m taking it easy. No gym today though I may go for a walk later. Have to figure out what to do in the gym now that TRX is over. I want to try some of the classes that Goodlife offers within the membership. I thought I would try a spinning class morning but didn’t wake up in time for it. So I will have to try next week. When I was at the YMCA I used to do a lot of their classes which were great only they didn’t start till 7:30-8pm. I finish work at 3pm and find it hard most times to go home and then go back out again to work out. I need to go straight to the gym after work. Goodlife’s classes seem to be between 5-6pm which works out a little better for me. I guess we shall see.

I do think that people should check out Goodlife and try the TRX demos and see if they like them!


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