Family Day Weekend!

Have had a great family day weekend so far and I’m glad that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. Its nice on a Sunday night knowing that I don’t have to get up early the next day though hopefully I won’t sleep in till like 11am or something.

Friday night Mary and I had dinner at my parents house. We had a great time with them though they have been going Veegan the last few weeks. Two weeks ago they made veegan lasagna which I wasn’t too crazy about for I think all lasagna should be meat. They did have meat last week but this time it was chilli. I did enjoy the chilli more then the lasagna though I did have Mary stop at McDonald’s and I got a quarter pounder meal. We watched a couple of episodes of Murdoch Mysteries which were really good.

Satruday we hung out with my sister in law and her family and had a pancake brunch which was great! I love pancakes and bacon and ate a lot. After brunch my wife and her sister and niece were supposed to go to the movies. I forget what the movie was called but it is based on a story called The Borrowers that ,my wife and her sister read when they were kids. My wife was kind of tired so I went in her place. The movie wasn’t bad though I fell asleep during the first half hour to forty minutes. The only downside to going to the movies so close brunch was eating too much. Had a bit of a stomach ache for a couple of hours though I went to the gym and had a good workout which helped.

Today I had such a hard time getting up. My wife is in the band at church and had to be there for 9am. Since we have been one car I struggle with gertting up for band Sundays. I did think about catching a bus though wound up sleeping till 10:30am. My wife and I got some shopping done later in the atternoon and then tried to see the 5:45pm showing of The Women In Black. We were late for the that show so we bought tickets for the 8:05pm show. Montana’s was really good and I got a 34oz mug of beer which didn’t make me as drunk as I thought it would. It did make me a little giggly which helped during the movie for it was scary. My wife was really scarred during the movie, shrieked many times and squeezed my hand really tight and at one point I thought she would break my thumb. I laughed a lot during the movie and there was a mixture of screams and laughter from other people in the theatre. I do recommend The Women In Black for those who like scary movies and for those that don’t, don’t see it!

Well that is it for tonight.  Don’t know what the plan is tomorrow, though I hopefully will get a gym workout in. Bye for now!


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