Rest Day

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I had a really busy day today but a good day! I was going to go to yoga class after work. The 4pm classes are back at the  yoga studio that I go to and I’m pretty excited about that.

I have been going to this studio since about June and it is great! I have been practicing yoga for about two years and the past year or so have been practising at home with dvds. I decided early in the summer to join try some yoga classes and found a studio which was close by my house. I love it there, the people are great and I have enjoyed all the classes I have taken there which have been many! I generally make classes 2-4 times per week!

I love the 4pm class because it is right after my work day. I had hoped to go today but it was an exceptionally heavy day today and I am wiped! I had a coffee at Tim Horton’s and just came home. Tomorrow won’t work as I music lesson and choir practice in the evening but hopefully I can make the Friday class!

If you practice yoga, do you practice at home or in a studio or gym? What is your favorite pose? Mine is Chaturanga Dandasana!

Hope everyone is having a good day! This is my first blog in awhile, hopefully I can make a better habit of blogging! Till next time! Cheers!

Relaxing weekend


It has been a busy month so far. Busy at work and a lot going on after work and on weekends.

Wife and I are in the Muskoka area visiting friends at their cottage. It is beautiful here and we have been having a great time!

Yesterday we went swimming, played guitar on the dock, went to ribfest for dinner and went to see Antman which was awesome!

Today we are heading home but we are going to church this morning and then more swimming & guitar playing at the cottage for a few hours before heading back.

This weekend has been just what I needed. One more week of work for me and I am on vacation for two weeks!

I hope everyone has a great day today! Cheers!

Yoga Challenge

I got a fair amount of sun yesterday during my outdoor yoga classes and was feeling a bit trashed this morning when I got up.

My day was pretty good though. Work was kind of slow for most of the day  though it picked up a bit in the afternoon.

I’m taking a 30 Day Yoga Challenge and am on Day 22! Ten minutes a day of yoga and its been great! I usually do each challenge in the morning but today I wasn’t up to it. I’m having a bit of a rest and going to get at it!

I’m debating on taking an 8:30pm yoga class at Moksha but we’ll see how I feel.

Hope everyone had a great Monday!