Clocks Forward

Last night the clocks went ahead an hour which really sucked. My wife & I went to a play called Blythe Spirit which was really good but it was at least two and a half hours long.

We took the bus into Toronto to Union Station which is great. It saves on parking and the stress from traffic. Our show started at 8pm and didn’t finish untill at least 10:30-10:40. So we didn’t catch the bus till 11:30 getting us home after 12am. I had a hard time falling asleep and though I did sleep a fair amount of hours it didn’t feel like it.

This morning I missed church as I couldn’t get up in time which sucked because it has been at least two weeks in a row that I have missed. I have to go next Sunday as the Sunday after that my wife and I are in Montreal. I did watch a Joyce Meyer broadcast and got my sermon plus did my reading for the Bible in 90 Days.

Had a bit of a rest in the afternoon and my wife and I watched a show we like called 12 Monkeys. Then I went and worked out. I ran outside for almost 50 minutes then did a bicep & tricep weight workout at the gym. All in all a good day!

I’m hoping to do some laundry this evening, watch a bit of tv and maybe do some yoga before bed. I hope everyone is having a great day! Cheers!


Relaxing Saturday

Pretty good day so far. Got about 7 hours sleep last night which had to be good for my cold.

Relaxing morning then went to the gym early afternoon. Ran 40 minutes on the treadmill and 20 minute weight workout focusing on legs.

My wife and I are seeing a play today called Blythe Spirit which should be good.

Hope everyone is having a great day! Cheers!


Finally Friday

Its been a hard week what with still having my cold but a good one.

I’ve had a good week of workouts. Today is a day of rest from working out. I’m just walking home from work but that is it.

Wife and I are heading to my parents place for dinner, I’m looking forward to a quiet evening. Hope everyone is doing well.

Have a great evening! Cheers!


Long Walk

I had a pretty good day today. Work was pretty good and I made good time after work into Downtown Brampton.

I have music lessons in which I am taking voice/guitar lessons.

I made it in time to do a 20 minute shoulder weight workout at Goodlife Fitness before my lesson. I had a good lesson though focused more on guitar then voice tonight as I still have my cold.

I decided to walk home which according to my MapMyRun site is a 4.55 mile walk. I walked it all and listened to my audiobook Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince which is really good! I’m close to the end.

I’m home now and wanted to get this blog finished before I got my dinner and relax in front of the tv!

Hope everyone is well! Till next time!



Tonight’s Workout

Tonight is runclub at Running Room and I think I will try and attend.

I’m not sure how far people are running but I am up for it. I am feeling a bit better from my cold and look forward to working out even if is only a light one.

I’m also going to hit the gym afterwards and do a back weight workout! Last night I worked on chest.

What are you working on today if you are working out?

Hope everyone is doing well! Till next time!



Sick Day

My cold hasn’t gone away yet and because of it I slept really poorly last night. I was unable to make it to work and called in sick today.

I slept a bit this morning and other then that have just been watching tv or reading.

I may try and do some yoga and maybe see if my wife would want to go for a walk this evening.

I really want to work on getting a better sleep at night. It is difficult as I have to wake up so early. You’d think that in my fifteen years of working at my company I would have figured going to bed early but I haven’t.

Hopefully everyone is doing good and having a good day! Till next time!



Had a decent sleep last night and my cold is feeling a bit better. Not 100 percent but getting there.

No running or gym workout today, not well enough for that though I will try and do some yoga after I blog this.

Did anyone watch last night’s The Walking Dead or tonight’s Gotham? Both really good episodes!

Not too much going on at the moment but I did want to get a blog in today. I figure it would be worth a try to blog the entire month of March!

Hope every is doing well! Cheers!