Under The Weather

I caught a cold last week on Thursday. It started as a sore throat and got worse.

I took the day off work on Friday, had no energy to go in. Saturday I helped a friend move. I maybe shouldn’t have helped out but she asked me a couple of weeks ago when I was well. It went right though and I think the day off work on Friday helped a bit.

Wound up sleeping in and missed church this morning. I felt like crap all day and hope for a good night sleep so I won’t have to call in sick tomorrow. Have just been laying around reading & watching tv today. Looking forward to The Walking Dead later tonight though I’m PVR’ing it and may watch it after work tomorrow.

Hope everyone is doing well! Till next time! Cheers!



This weekend was a really good weekend! Why you ask? For my birthday last year my wife got me plane tickets on areoplan points to visit my brothers in Calgary!

I had originally planned to go my bday weekend last October but that wound up not working out. Then I tried for Family Day long weekend next weekend which is this weekend coming up but that didn’t work out. So I finally was able to make it work for this past weekend!

My flight left just before 9pm Thursday and I got in pretty late at 1:40am Calgary time. I have never been to Calgary or anywhere in Alberta plus I haven’t seen my brothers & they’re girlfriends in a long time so I was pretty excited!

Friday was pretty low-key we drove around Calgary for awhile and then had dinner. Saturday we drove out to Canmore and did some hiking. The mountains were really beautiful! I really want to take my wife out there both in the summer & in the winter! She’s never been out there either.

Saturday night we stayed at the Lodges Of Canmore which was really nice! We orderd pizza, played a card game called Cards Against Humanity which was hilarious & drank a fair amout lol!

Sunday we had breakfast in the morning, relaxed in the afternoon then they drove me to the airport. I got in about 11:15am last night and home just after midnight.

Not a lot of sleep last night as you can imagine and the work day was hard to get through as I was so tired. I’m looking forward to having a quiet evening with my wife watching The Walking Dead!

Hope you all are doing well & you had a great weekend! Till next time!


Music Lesson

Thursday’s are great! Besides the obvious reason that its Friday tomorrow, I have have voice lessons every Thursday at 5 p.m!

The last week instead of taking the bus there I decided to walk. I did so as well today and it was great. Walked just over 3 miles in just under an hour.

At the lesson I went over Tom Petty’s Free Fallin in which the chorus was quite difficult for me. We had to transpose the chords three times so I could sing it. I am a bit under the weather which added to the difficulty.

Have felt great this evening. Had dinner with my wife and watched Agent Carter & The Big Bang Theory with her and afterwards got some guitar practicing in!

Glad it’s Friday tomorrow looking forward to a fairly quiet weekend. Hope everyone had a great day!


Cold Run

My marathon training finished about as quickly as it started. I’ve been feeling sick the last few weeks.

I’ve still been able to train though last week I really wasn’t at my best and figured I should run on the treadmill at the gym rather then outside. I still ran between 20-25miles last week though.

On the weekend I hurt my neck & shoulder somehow so I took Monday off work & training and went to get a massage. The massage helped and I’m feeling much better.

Tonight I ran outside again and it was really cold, my beard had some ice it it when I finished lol! I ran just under 5 miles and felt really good! I don’t mind running on the treadmill but I love running outside, it’s in my blood!

I still haven’t ruled out running a marathon this year though now may not be the time to train for an actual race. There is the Scotia Bank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October which I may do. Are you signed up for any events running or otherwise this year? How is your training going?

Hope everyone had a great day! Till next time!


Marathon Training Begins


I ran my first marathon race last year in May at the Goodlife Fitness Marathon. It was a really hard race and afterwards I was thinking to stick with halfmarathons as I love that distance.

This week I srarted marathon training, figured I would give it another shot. I  ran an hour each night Monday to Wednesday and took Thursday & Friday off. I have had a bit of a cold and haven’t been sleeping too well but hopefully that will get better soon.
I am going to try and follow the training schedule in John Staton’s Running book. I thought about joining the marathon clinic at Running Room but don’t think I can afford it right now. I will try and get out to the free group runs when I can.

I don’t have a specific goal race this year but what are your goal races for the year? Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your training!