Mid-Season Break

I love television! There are a number of shows I am watching right now, my favorite is Sons Of Anarchy!

I’m also watching The Flash, How To Get Away With Murder, The Big Bang Theory, Gotham, and Arrow! Coincidentally the majority of my shows are on CTV lol!

I normally hate mid season breaks. You get right into a show then they are off for a few weeks and sometimes you forget about it. This time though I am grateful for the break.

I have been behind on Arrow which is now on Season 3. My wife bought me Season 1st for my birthday two years ago, I started watching it but got distracted.

When I saw the show was going into it’s third season I got her to buy me Season 2 for my birthday this year.

I just finished Season 2 & have started watching Season 3. It is an awesome show, lots of action & drama!

Hopefully I will be caught up by the time the break is over.

What is your favorite show? Is your favorite show affected by the mid season break?

I hope everyone has had a great weekend! Till next time!


Christmas Party

Last night my wife & I went to friend’s of ours annual Christmas party. It is always a good time and last night didn’t disappoint.

The drive there was pretty brutal. We had taken highways off our GPS on our last trip to avoid road closures and were taken a slightly longer route.

We turned highways back on and it took us to the 401 which was brutal! We got off on Weston rd and there was construction. We were both really happy to get there.

We saw lots of familiar faces from previous parties and there were a lot of kids all running around having a great time!

Our hosts make there own beer and it is really good. Last year I drank a bit too much of it and got a little sick. My wife was rather upset. I did pace myself better and ate more this time and was not very drunk.

We have a few more Christmas parties and get togethers over the next month. Do you have any Christmas traditions during the month of December?

Hope everyone had a great day! Till next time!


Executive Workout

Since my awesome night out at the Slipknot/Korn concert Sunday I have had a hard time catching up on sleep.

Needless to say I haven’t worked out at all this week. I have just been going to work then going home.

Thursday evenings though I have a music lesson and before my lesson I usually pop in the gym for a weight workout.

Today I am tired so I think I am going to just have a sauna, shower then head to my lesson.

Currently I am in a massage chair writing this post lol! I call these workouts executive workouts!

After my lesson I’ll probably grab some dinner and catch the bus home. Hope everyone has had a great day!


Second last

I was pretty excited to get home from work today.

My favorite show Sons Of Anarchy is on its second last episode. The episode aired last night on FX but I don’t get that channel.

I do have Itunes and was able to get SOA on a season pass and get each episode the day after it airs.

I won’t talk about the episode so I won’t spoil it for anyone but I will say it was awesome!

I can’t believe it is over next week! Who are your favorite characters if you watch the show? Mine are Opie & Clay!

Hope everyone has had a great day! Till next time!


So I really dropped the ball on my NaBloPoMo last month lol! I was off to a good start but then got busy. Meant to blog yestarday but was really tired.

The reason for my tiredness is I went to my first metal concert in about 10 years! It was awesome! I did unfortunatley have a few too many beers which didn’t help my lack of sleep that night.

The concert was at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto & the bands I saw were Slipknot & Korn! I like both bands and though I haven’t listened to them in awhile I still recognized a lot of their music at the show!

There was so many people there! My buddy & I were on level 320 row 10. Our seats were not too bad though next time I will try for row 100’s. I got a tour shirt and bought Slipknot’s greatest hits album on Itunes after I got home.

Made it to work yestarday on little sleep but I got through the work day. I’m doing alright today but didn’t workout yesterday or today. Tomorrow I have dinner with my wife and parents in the evening & hope to watch the new episode of Sons Of Anarchy Season 7 after work tomorrow.

I am hoping to blog before bed tomorrow but we’ll see how the evening goes! Till next time!


Race Photo STWM

#STWM photo

October 19th I ran the half marathon in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. My official time was 2:05:33 way better than I expected! It has been a few weeks since the race and I have got back into training again and have to figure out which race to run next. Above is a photo of me with my finishing medal!

Hope everyone is doing well and has had a great Monday!


Long Distance Run

Most weekends I normally will run both Saturday and Sunday’s. This weekend though I took Friday as a rest day and Saturday as well!

I did run from last week Sunday till Thursday though & I ran for over an hour today. It was a really good run! It was cool outside and not raining which was nice. It has rained here in Brampton the last few days. I will run in the rain though it is not my favorite weather to run in.

After my run I went to the gym and worked out for a half an hour on the weights! On top of my running I am trying to balance out my weeks with yoga & weights as well!

Well I need to keep this one short. My wife & I are having a friend over in a little while and I need to help out with some house work!

Hope everyone is doing well! Till tomorrow!