Busy Day


Had really good Maundy Thursday & Good Friday services at church last night & this morning. There was a pretty good turnout at both services!

I had a really good workout this afternoon. I ran just over 9 miles and had a half an hour weight workout in the gym! Hoping to do the same workout tomorrow!

My wife got us tickets to see a play called Subway Stations Of The Cross by Ins Choi. My wife really enjoyed the play. I wound up sleeping through most of it unfortunatley. It had been a hard work week and I’ve been two church services and I was finding it hard to stay awake for this one. Maybe it will play again so I can check it out again!

I hope everyone is having a great Easter weekend however they are spending it! Cheers!

Made It Through


It has been a hard work week but I survived it. I didn’t feel like going to work today but I am glad that I finished the week.

This evening there is a Maundy Thursday service at my church which my wife and I will be going to.

I had a good week for exercise, Monday I went to a yoga class which was led by a friend of mine. It was fun, it has been so long since I have done yoga!

I got a run in both Tuesday & Wednsday after work, tonight is going to be a rest day and then I will hopefully run everyday this weekend!

That is all I have for now. I haven’t blogged in awhile and hopefully can get back into the habbit! Have a great weekend!

More Snow


Got through the work day and I’m off for the rest of the week!

My wife is a high school teacher and is off this week for March break and I usually like to take at least a couple of days off to spend time with her.

We decided this March break to go to Ottawa and our plan was to leave right after I finished work.

We had heard there was going to be a snow storm but planned our trip anyways hoping it wouldn’t be too bad.

It was really nasty out! We had decided to drive to Kingston tonight which turned out to be a great idea considering the weather.

My wife drove to Kingston & I will most likely drive tomorrow. I wound up sleeping most of the way being tired from the work day.

My wife has family in Ottawa who we will hopefully be able to visit and an old friend of ours moved there recently and we will visit with her also.

We brought our skates down and hopefully can skate on the Canal. I brought my running gear and hope to run either outside or find a gym close by.

Hope everyone is doing well and stay safe if you are affected by the snow storm! Cheers!

Book Challenge


Last year I decided to take the Goodreads book challenge to read 12 books in a year. I completed that and this year I have upped the challenge to 15 books!

I love to read though at one time I didn’t. The books that got me back into reading were the Harry Potter series & The Bible. Now I read all the time, generally I spend about a half an hour in my Bible in the morning and then at least a half an hour reading other books in the evening!

So far I am off to a good start with this challenge. I’ve read 4 books so far. One was an audiobook and the rest were on  my eReader.

My favorite books to read are fantasy, horror, biographies, & books by Christian authors! What do you like to read? Do you read often? At the moment I am reading three books. The Hobbit on audiobook, Sunshine Hunter by Maddie Cochere who is a blogger on WordPress, & Conflict Free Living by Joyce Meyer. All the books I’m reading are really good so far!

I hope everyone is have a great week so far! Cheers!



Yesterday was a much needed rest day after my half marathon. I had plans to play guitar and sing with a friend of mine which I cancelled. I made it to work but that was about all I had energy for. I wound up just pigging out on junk food and then vegging out in front of the tv. My wife and I watched Sunday nights episode of The Walking Dead which was really good!

Today I felt more refreshed. Could have used maybe a bit more sleep but I think for what I got I felt pretty good. Had a decent day at work today. Pretty steady and the time went by quickly. I chilled out at home for a couple of hours after work and then went to my marathon clinic. We had a guest speaker Barb (don’t know her last name) who talked about nutrition. I need to work on my nutrition. You would think that I would be like a crazy health nut considering how much I workout but that is not the case. I enjoy my junk food! I have burgers and fries at least once a week and don’t eat enough fruits and veggies or drink enough water. So I got a lot out of the talk lol! She will be sending out via email Canada’s Food guide and what we should be eating while training. After the talk we had a good 10km run! It was snowing but it wasn’t cold and the run was really good!

Well I am signing off! My wife made pancakes and I am going to have some before heading to bed. Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Till next time!




Had a really good weekend! Friday night my wife and I pretty much just relaxed at home. I can’t remember what we even watched on tv. I think we were both pretty tired. We had first thought about going to a movie but that didn’t wind up happening that night.

Saturday we drove to Burlington to pick up my race kit. As you know if you have been following my blog, I ran in the Chilly Half Marathon which was today. For most races they have you pick up your race kit on the Friday night & for a certain amount of time on Saturday. For most races you are not able to pick up your race kit the day of the race.

I figured that my wife and I should get a hotel in Burlington the Saturday so we wouldn’t have to drive down twice. We picked up my race kit and then went for dinner and a movie. We saw the movie Non-Stop which we both really enjoyed!

The hotel we stayed at was nice, though there was a wedding going on so we heard the base pumping till it was quite late. Actually my wife heard the base more than I did, I fell asleep fairly quickly that night thankfully. The people in the halls were fairly noisy and we both heard them quite a bit. I did sleep ok that night which was great because I usually don’t sleep that well the night before a race.

There was a shuttle bus to the race this morning from our hotel. That was great as my wife didn’t have to get up and drive me. There were about 2000+ people in the race and I ran it in 2hrs and 1 minute. I felt a bit dehydrated and had to walk a few times during the race. I finished with a better time then I thought I was going to get.

After the race I went to a pub and got the free beer land chilli they offered with a tag off my race bib. I called my wife and my brother-in-law and his wife picked me up at the pub and we went for lunch.

I’m feeling pretty tired but good and after I finish this blog I will be going to bed. I hope that work is not too busy tomorrow as I’m sure I will be pretty tired. At least tomorrow is a rest day and I won’t be doing much in the evening. Hope everyone is well and they had a great weekend! Cheers!

Race Day Tomorrow!


Tomorrow is The Chilly Half Marathon in Burlington and I am pretty excited and nervous! I’m excited to see hopefully many of my Running Room friends some who I haven’t seen in awhile. That may not happen though as I’m sure there will be many people at the race. I’m excited for the long run. I love putting on my headphones and some great music and just running. I’m hoping to finish tomorrow’s race at about 2hrs which has generally been my half marathon time.

I’m nervous because I haven’t ran all week. Well except for about 10 minutes Thursday evening but it was way too cold lol! Not sure what happened this week. Monday and Tuesday I needed rest after my 29km long run this past Sunday and then running just didn’t seem to happen the rest of the week. I have been running fairly consistently either outside or on the treadmill at the gym for many years so this probably will not be a problem but who knows what race day will bring. I’m also nervous as I find the night before the race I don’t get much sleep. Do any of you find that before your event? For some reason I wind up getting about 4-5 hrs of sleep and then adrenaline & good music  gets me through the race. Hopefully I can cut back coffee today and no alcohol till after the race tomorrow and turn off electronics early tonight so I can sleep.

My wife and I are heading to Burlington today, sometime in the next couple of hours hopefully. I need to pick up my race kit as they don’t have race kit pick ups on the day of the race. We have a hotel which I believe has free shuttle bus to the race in the morning. The only downside to the hotel is it is rather expensive and there is no breakfast included. The hotel looks nice though from what I saw online. After picking up the race kit I think we are going to try to see a movie, not sure what we are seeing yet.

After the race tomorrow we are getting together with family for lunch. I have family who live in Burlington and it is great that we are able to get together tomorrow!

I hope anyone who is racing tomorrow has a great race! Some last-minute advice, I find that the best way to run the race is to not worry at all who passes you. I treat my race the same as my Sunday long runs and just go at my own speed. Just relax and enjoy yourself! Also leave enough time to get there in the morning so you can have enough time to bag check, use washroom etc.

Have a great weekend everyone! Cheers!